Dealing with your anger is hard enough. When you add substance abuse it can intensify your existing disease. People with problems with alcohol and drugs often feel that the world has let them down. They may have problems with stress, anger, and self-esteem.  Most head to the liquor store when they feel anger arise, this can add to their problem by making the feelings more intense. Drinking and using drugs adds to the feeling by giving them no control over their issues. You’d be well served to find a more productive method to deal with the stress your life brings you and the anger that comes with it.
Turning to alcohol and drugs should never be an option for dealing with stress. After ridding your life of substances such as alcohol and drugs you will be on your way to fixing the problem. Only once you stop using will you be able to cope with your anger and frustrations and eventually overcome its hold on your life.
These drugs may affect your outlook on the world and cause anger problems:
• Speed
• Marijuana
• Alcohol
• Ecstasy
• Cocaine
• Ephedrine
• Caffeine
• Meth
• Heroine
• Xanex
• Valium

Most likely you have lived a life with developmental shortcomings in your personal growth, including lack of educational knowledge that helps you to see things in full light. If you come from a family with such problems you may not know any better than to turn to alcohol and drugs for any issue that makes itself known in your life.
You may have learned from an early age that to deal with things you must turn inward. Either your parents or an adult example of healthy anger management were not around to teach you the proper way to deal with your anger and frustration. You can teach yourself however, but first you must face it full on.
You may even have mental illness that is keeping you from having a productive lifestyle. Adding alcohol and drugs is just another problem that you don’t need to add to your existence. Using your resources will show you that there are medications that can help you cope with mental illness and the frustrations that come with it. You will notice there are other options such as help groups and anger management classes to teach you a much more effective way of dealing with your stress and anger.
In many instances problems are added to people’s lives rooted from their own behavioral issues. Alcohol causes a loss of inhibitions causing you to express your emotions freely without preservation. Since your perceptions, sound and words are all effected, you may misinterpret something said to you. This may cause you to flare up in anger and possibly get into a fight. Believing that alcohol and drugs are the answer to your problems leads you down a road to total destruction. Life is full of problems that we all have to face every day of the week. The secret is learning how to deal with the problems that will enhance your success and ability to cope.