Anger can be negative or positive. When you find yourself angry you may often walk off from the problem or deal with it by yelling at the source. The emotion of anger can either control us or push us to succeed in life. If your mind is filled with negative thoughts you will most likely explode when a threat hits your emotions.
Some of us express anger through hitting, slapping, verbally assaulting, mentally abusing, punching walls and other surfaces to let your anger out. Nothing but harm comes from these actions. Hitting or slapping someone will leave you in jail and leave the victim in the hospital. Hitting a person leaves emotional scars that will remain for years. Likewise, punching walls, glass, and furniture can cause harm to yourself. It makes no sense to behave negatively or harmfully when you are angry.
Most times your emotions will play tricks on your mind. Many times you may get angry because you feel that someone made you look foolish in the situation. This is only self humiliation and it is a dead end street. Sometimes you may have problems understanding what someone is saying.  The best thing to do is to slow down and ask for an explanation from the person. This often shines a light on the situation and you may be surprised to find that the person was not trying to threaten your emotions in any way.
Some individuals feel threatened by people that don’t listen to them when they are speaking. You may ask yourself if you are imagining the situation or if no one really hears you. It is good to speak up when you are being threatened by another, but it is not a good idea to react in a harsh manner that will not solve the problem. Acting out in anger will only hurt yourself and the other people around you. You will only be adding more problems to your life and everyone else’s around you.
People are much less likely to listen to your side of the story and will often loose respect for you when you behave in such a manner. You can’t blame others for your behaviors or actions, so the respect you lose will be your fault because you reacted with immaturity when you were angry.
 If you can’t find a way to control your anger, find someone that you trust to help you control your overflowing emotions. Someone else may be able to talk you out of your anger. Some people with anger problems use their energy in other ways, like volunteering. This way, your energy is spent in a productive manner rather than an angry one. You might offer your expertise in a certain area to help others or children to better themselves. Joining a gym to relieve frustration is often a great idea.