Anger can be influenced by friends, family, or other people that you may have come into contact with throughout your life. The way we deal with our anger differs in all cases. You may be angry about something in your life that you can’t control or something in the present that you have no way of coping with, but how you deal says a lot about your upbringing and your life growing up. When you see examples of how things should be handled in your everyday life you should make sure they are good ones.
When you are young you do not know the difference between a good way to deal with anger and a bad way, it is not until you are much older that you start to see the difference. When you see someone deal with a situation with poise and integrity try and incorporate that into your lifestyle. The next time something like this comes up you will understand how to handle the situation in a respectful manner. This may take some time and effort on your part, but you will be taking the steps necessary to recovering from your anger issues.
It is very difficult to go through life without being anger at something or someone at one time or another. The secret is learning to deal with your anger and learning how to effectively announce your anger without causing harm. For example, if you are dealing with an individual that is quite opinionated in a subject you may take offense to, the best thing to do is change the subject or to kill them with kindness.
Changing the subject when you start to feel angry can save you time and energy in the long run. You should always change the subject if possible, but if it isn’t try and say something nice about the person talking or add something nice about the subject. It is hard to continue your downward conversation while someone is lifting it up with nice words; all they can do is stop and wonder about you and what you are saying. Maybe they even wonder if they are wrong about the subject completely.
For example, when someone is talking about a certain political view or politic you happen to be fond of in a way that angers you, say something about the person they favor or the person you favor that is nice and unexpected. It will throw them off completely and you will be saved from your anger. There is nothing to get angry about anymore and you get to feel great for stopping yourself before you start on an angry spell. You will feel refreshed and will have learned something about the next time you get into a situation that is making you angry.
You can take your first experience and add on to it. Eventually you will know how to handle situations before they come about. It will be a relief knowing that you are in control of your emotions and if you don’t feel confident in that chapter three will help you in the process of becoming the best version of yourself in situations like these and everyday of your life.