Fear is the main underlying source of all anger. If you have difficulty managing your anger, fear is most likely the source of your problem. When you learn to deal with fear you are taking a big leap towards controlling your life. Using rational self talk techniques is one of the best solutions for dealing with fear itself. If negative thinking is part of your day to day life you can easily change your state of mind by following these few steps.
Negative thinking points your attitude into the wrong direction and often raises a person’s chance of imploding when anger develops. People who refuse to see the positive in life are mostly shallow. If you believe that you are hopeless, you will always have problems added to your day to day life.
Being an “if” person, will also set you up for failure. Asking yourself “what if this happens”, or “what if that,” can lead to irrational fear. You should keep your mind in the right place to ensure that you do not accumulate any unnecessary fears. Pay attention to the things you can change and leave the things you can’t change alone. Do not waste your time wondering and worrying about something you know you have no effect on. There is no need to worry about the things in the past. Keep your thoughts clear and you will be less likely to develop fear.
Some people set themselves up for eruptions of anger by wondering about something that happened weeks ago. Let yourself be free from the pressure of past instances since you can’t undo anything that has already been done. You should learn to appreciate what you do have control over, rather than stress yourself out about the things that you don’t. If you have trouble making decisions, then you are just like the rest of us. We all have problems making the right decisions in life, and that doesn’t mean that the world has to tumble. What it means is that you should take the right steps to resolve the problem.
• Evaluate the problem carefully
• Review your choices for solving the problem
• Pull out your resources to deal with the problem
• Collect the necessity needed to solve the problem
• Come to a conclusive decision
• Take steps to handle the issue immediately

Putting things off only makes matters worse. Making a good decision will be proven by a fruitful outcome. Be sure to pat yourself on the back for a job well done.