In life, we all have rules that we must follow. We are not allowed to kill someone, steal a candy bar, or lie to our mothers. Every one of those rules has been broken and will continue to be broken. Each rule you break, though, comes with a consequence. In some cases, certain people will believe that the rules don’t pertain to them and only to others. These same individuals let emotions run their lives.
People that have no regard for the rules will often break them without thinking twice. They will often humiliate, intimidate, or assault another individual physically while believing they have the right to do so. When others are hurt, it will satisfy an angry man’s covetous side and the felling and physical condition of others is often disregarded. This anger burning inside will often lead to robbery, hate crimes, assault, and so on. This same individual will go on to harm people feeling that there are no consequences for his or her actions.
For example, a man may steal an expensive car from someone and the first thing he says when he gets caught is that the owner didn’t deserve it, but for some reason he did. The person may beat the life out of his spouse and then have the nerve to blame it on the victim, rather than owning up to his own actions. This kind of anger roots from the hatred of people and the things that people do. This kind of anger is the one to most likely become aggressive whether there is reason or not.
Inside the mind of an angry person can be an odd place. Many of their minds function on impulse only. They get their bits of excitement from the unknown future while most individuals like to know what is coming. Impulse acts can be quite risky but that’s what is enjoyable about it for some.  The same person will often neglect all responsibility and place their focus on controlling the ones around them.  If you have any problems with anger, it may be best to stay away from individuals with these tendencies. Surrounding yourself with the right influences can be your first step to recovery. Here are a few things to look for.
• If the person has been in and out of jail, it probably means that they have a problem with authority. That’s a big red flag for anger problems.

• Many people with anger problems can’t keep a spouse around. Steer clear of individuals who are in and out of relationships.

• Look at their hands. Many angry people will have cuts and bruises on their hands from things or people that they have punched.

• If the person you are wanting to date has or has had an issue with drugs or alcohol you may want to take that as a no go, people with dependencies often have more issues with relationships in general than the average person.

• Get to know his or her friends and family. When you see the one’s he or she loves acting in a way that frightens or worries you, respond immediately. Trust your instincts.

• When you notice domination in his or her personality, talk to them about it openly, if you don’t like what they say you may want to break the relationship off.

Most individuals with this level of anger are hopeless. There are no techniques prescribed to master the anger and the realm of these minds. You should stay away from anyone that frightens or worries you. You will know better than anyone how you feel around a certain person. When you don’t feel right about the situation, remove yourself. You should tell the people around you, your family, friends, and coworkers, that you are scared or worried about that person.
They may not have a lot to say about how you feel, but they could help you come up with a plan in case you are in a situation with the person worrying you. You should communicate your feelings to someone just in case. If you are being abused or threatened, call the police immediately.
If you are the one having a problem with abuse and other anger issues you should try and step back from the situation for a bit. Take some time to clear your head with exercise and relaxation. You can do wonders with a little pampering. You may also want to talk to the person that is causing the anger. If you are having trouble venting your frustrations you should try and talk to a doctor, friend, and/or family member. They may have some good ideas for you to relax and calm down.