No one ever said dealing with anger is easy. People are always dealing with problems that can result in anger. It’s how you deal with it that is the secret for most to overcome their problems. There is not a single person on Earth that has never been mad at some point. Anger is something we all deal with. We can examine how lies can instigate anger by looking at the individual. The person involved in criminal activities or selling drugs usually has a history of anger.
When Adam and Eve were created on Earth, Satan appeared in the form of a serpent that lied to Eve, deceiving her. That one lie set the world off toward suffering, violence, war, murder, weather disasters, and so forth. Since the first lie, the world has been chaotic and only worsens as the years go on.
Now let’s look at all the aspects of a person’s anger. Many people in this world have problems with anger. People with post traumatic stress disorder often suppress their emotions. Here are a few tips to help you deal with your anger:

• If you lie, cheat, steal, commit any sin, own it. Make sure you have no problem admitting your shortcomings, as this will add to your self worth and mutual respect.

• Find something that calms you down. Work out, sports, walk in the park, journals, there are answers for everyone to deal with their own anger, but it is a personal decision. Choose what you like most.

• Visit friends and family.

• Redirect your feelings and energy. Find other ways to channel your anger into productive forms.

• Talk to someone about how you are feeling.

• Talk to your doctor if anger is a real problem for you. You will want to know if it is a mental issue for you or not. This way you can fix it easier.

• Most anger issues have been with you your whole life. You may need some serious counseling to help fix the problem.

• Stay away from trouble. Try and help someone every chance you get. This will add self pride. There’s nothing better than feeling proud of yourself.
• Many people are angry because they fell they don’t get the respect that they deserve. When you are at work, do the best job you can. You will get recognized for your efforts and respected for you work mentality.

• Admitting that you have a problem can also help. Telling your friends and family that you need support will ensure that someone will always be there when you need them.

• Stay away from alcohol at all costs. It can fuel the fire of anger you may have inside. There is no way to tell how you will act when you are intoxicated. You do not want to hurt anyone when you’re sober, but you may end up doing it after you’ve had a few to drink.
Many people with anger problems have realized that it is connected with alcohol and/or drugs directly. You may be surprised to find that it can be a tremendous help in your movement away from anger. Drinking causes emotions to flare and conversations on touchy subjects to come up. You never know what you may say to offend another person with an anger disease. Stay away from alcohol if you want to have a chance of recovering.