In reviewing the source of our anger it will help us to find the answers we missed while our emotions had control. Emotions are our inventory and can control our sadness, joy and most importantly anger. Having difficulty managing your emotions can cause you to suffer from anxiety, depressions and outbursts.
Solutions include writing down your emotions, working out your frustrations in the gym, or finding your own way of fixing your problems. Either of these things will work for you, but you have to make sure it is a personal gain. If you choose something to help you out from anger it must be something you enjoy and something that works for you. Everyone is different.
If the individual doesn’t find a way to control the emotions that bring on anger outbursts, anger will most likely get the best of them. For example, if you can’t stand to be around loud noises, being in a crowd may not be the best idea. Find a safe spot in your home with a quiet environment to prevent anger outbreaks.  Ginkoba has been taken for alertness and is known to enhance your mind. You may want to visit a mental health expert and get the prescription that helps deal with your anger and/or stress disorder.
Vitamin C and Vitamin B Complex have also been used for years to enhance the mind and help the patient cope with stress. Throughout this book you have started to learn many ways to deal with anger and grab a hold of your anger. Such as:
• Focus on smaller tasks at a time
• Slowly move ahead to bigger goals when you are ready
• Learn to relax
• Write your problems down
• Take deep breaths when needed
• Analyze your problems
• Exercise and yoga are great for relaxing your mind and body
• Take your time fixing your problems
• Pamper yourself
• Remind yourself daily you are moving toward recovery
• Keep your stress level low
• Practice what you preach to your children
• Inform your friends and family so they know about your issue and how they can help you through it
• Self help groups
• Talk to your doctor if nothing is helping your issue

The next time you feel angry; let the person know how you feel and exactly why you feel this way. Most likely the person will explain himself in a manner that is nonthreatening and you two can move on with your day. Finally, vent all of your energy and anger by vocalizing it to a friend or family member. When you are finished review your choices carefully. Put your anger in review and take charge of your spot now that you know your anger management is within reach.