Anger can do a lot to our body and our minds, and sometimes we don’t even know it is happening. When we feel angry it is hard not to stress out, tense up, and feel sick to our stomachs. When things make you angry it is hard to rationalize and it may feel as though we are alone.
The truth is, however, is that we are not alone, not in the least. If you are hurting, or are angry about something or someone you should begin by talking it out with your best friend. Ask him or her how to approach the situation and handle it like an adult. You won’t want to resort to violence or harsh words. Doing violent acts can really leave you with shortness of breath and may result in a heart attack.
When you react in anger you could end up hurting yourself more than you would hurt the person or thing making you angry. You could hurt your hands hitting something; you could cause headaches, backaches, stress, and anxiety. You will hurt yourself if you keep your anger inside and that is why you should use it to your advantage.
Using your anger to better your body’s appearance and physical strength is most likely the best thing you could do with your anger. Going to the gym for weight lifting or aerobic exercise can help you to work out your frustrations. The act of going to the gym allows for friendships and fellowship as well, which does a great deal for your mind and being.
Joining classes with others in your peer group could also help you decompress and react to your anger in a different and much better way. You could be doing something great for yourself all around by using your body to defeat your anger. Some people even ask their friends or family members to come to the gym with them. The camaraderie is fun and can help eliminate stress and anger for good.
Using your body to overcome your anger is the best and most effective way to rid yourself of the burden of being mad. You can have fun while exercising your mind and your body at the same time. When you exercise your body you will be using your physical being to help defeat the demons keeping you angry.
People struggle merely from common problems all the time. Eventually, they remember it is important to live each day to its fullest. Do what you can to find humor in the situation. Laughter can be a great source of relief from your anger. Here are a few things to do that could end up tickling your funny bone.
• Watch comedies on television when you get the chance. You could be laughing within seconds of turning one on. Saturday Night Live comes on everyday on one or two channels.

• Grab any Adam Sandler movie. They are always good for a number of laughs. Plus, Adam can make anyone smile with his goofy smile. Happy Gilmore anyone?

• Reminisce with family members or old friends, they always have the funniest stories and it’s great that they are all about you.

• Read the funnies in your Sunday paper. Peanuts are still out every Sunday and Charlie Brown is always into something new.

• Hang out with friends that know you well. Go to dinner or maybe go bowling. Anything you like to do, you should do that with the people you love and that love you. They can instantly help you see your situation in another light.

If your stomach begins to feel a knot from anger, don’t get angry about it. It’s a cycle that many people with anger problems get in to. You get mad. Then your stomach tightens up. You get mad that your stomach tightens up and the cycle goes on from there. Just remember, anytime that you’re burning energy; you’re burning the negative energy that is actually the root of your negative emotions. Thus, you start eliminating your anger.
If you enjoy writing, you may like to sit down and put your feelings on paper. This can be a release of built up emotions that are dragging you down. During your writing, you may feel your shoulders loosen up and your appetite may perk up a little. Write about the world and the people you have seen on Earth. Try your hardest to make it humorous in between the lines. You’ll want to look back on it and laugh. It has helped many people relive stress from their bodies and remove many anger problems, too.