Anger is often ignored over a long course of time. That is when anger can kill. When a person is overly angry he has the inability to express his anger without exploding. That is when you know that the problem needs immediate attention. Alcohol and drugs are not involved in all cases but will ignite the already burning fire into oblivion. Hate is the root of all anger and the person with problems often has a hard time holding back his or her impulses, desires and emotions. Acting out of impulse, the person often attacks the source of his anger. Not everyone decides to commit murder when they have an anger issue but in some cases it has happened and will happen again.

Self talk can be a great way to express anger. You might want to ask yourself what is going on inside your mind when you are losing control. The anger may be built inside for years, or it could be caused by the now, you can begin analyzing your mind when you learn self talk strategies.

If you talk yourself through your anger you will be able to learn ways to deal with your anger because you see it through your eyes for the first time. Anger is the direct result of an incident. The person dealing with anger may have been subject to neglect, abuse, bullies, etc. Those personal issues were most likely not addressed up front; rather the negative was allowed to build up to a point of explosion.  Try to remember that the world does not revolve around you. The pain that triggers your anger symptoms is often a result of your decision making.

 For example, the Internet provider you choose continues making problems, such as redirecting you when you are trying to make a connection.  This is enough to anger anyone. However, the company is not focused on you. There is a breakdown in communication on the company’s part. Sure it is upsetting but it is a small fork in the road. No one is out to make your life terrible. This should allow you to realize that we all go through bad instances, but how we deal with it is the key to success.

Anger often can result in rage and centers on antagonism. In most instances fury can overtake a person struggling with anger. Anger can be a serious emotion that could lead to ungodly measures. To some people with anger issues violence may be the answer to repairing a problem but aggression only makes matters worse. We have to look deep inside ourselves and find the instigating source of the explosion.

People are rarely upset because of words, actions, places or people. More often than not an integrated hatred has built up inside of them through many years. Often times the person is lacking educational experience when we need maturity the most. Anger is nothing to play with when a person looses their ability to sustain self control.  There are no limits to what their anger can do.